Thursday, August 8, 2013

There's No Crying In High School!

I'll admit, being a single mom can be pretty difficult at times. There are days when my house is a wreck, everything is breaking down and getting old (including my body), the kids are getting on my last nerve and all I want to do is throw myself down my bed, cry and wave my little white flag in the air and yell, "You have me beat, life! I surrender!" But then my kids do something really amazing or funny and I remember that THEY are what life is all about. THEY are the reasons I keep going. So I wipe my tears, hold my head high and know that I've done a pretty damn good job so far.

I'm feeling a sense of accomplishment today. Accomplished because the youngest kid started her first day of high school. But on the same token, it's a little bittersweet. My baby girl is growing up. I shouldn't have cried, she's only going to high school. But I allowed myself to cry for a minute, to be sad for the baby girl she once was and I'll miss, but also to be excited for the young woman she is becoming.

I will end this post with the first day of school conversation between Jules and I this morning. A new high school and in a new town.

Jules: "What if no one talks to me today?"

Me: "They will."

Jules: "The only reason they talked to me the first day of West DeFuniak was because I cried."

Me: "Don't cry your first day of high school."

Jules: "Why not? I cried first the day of 3rd grade and 'BAM!' Hannah talked to me. Been best friends ever since!"

Me: "Well...Don't do that in high school."

Jules: "But what if no one talks to me?"

Me: "You'll be fine.....Hey, sorry I burned your toast this morning. Kind of a sucky ass first day of high school breakfast."

Jules: {Shrugs shoulders}

Me: {Holding up ghetto sandwich} "But how awesome is this PB&J?, without the J." 


Did you have a similar experience with your child today? 

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