Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Girl's Night Valentines Party

I'm just gonna say it, I'm not really a big fan of Valentine's Day. I don't see why we reserve one day a year to purchase overpriced novelties, chocolates, flowers and cards to show the people we love that we remembered them on this "special day", which just happens to be on every calendar to remind us. Really? How special is that? I know what you must be thinking, I'm only saying this because I'm single. Well...there may be a little truth to that. Maybe Valentine's Day is just another day to remind me that I AM single, alone, solo, solitary, me, myself and I, without a companion, you get it. I suppose I could feel sorry for myself. Or I could just make like of the situation and revel in the fact that I have some pretty awesome friends and that's all that matters.

Last year, to sort of poke fun at myself for being single, again, and as a way to spoil my girlfriends a bit, I decided to host a Girl's Night In Valentine's Themed Party. A night away from the men and kids. Away from their roles as moms and wives to just be themselves. It was so much fun, I decided to make this an annual event.

I wanted this years party to be amazing, yet budget conscience. I recycle decorations from one holiday to the next and since I use a lot of red, pink and silver at Christmas, it was perfect for Valentines! I had tons of feather boas left over from my days of being a Girl Scout Leader and giving tea parties. I used tissue paper flowers left over from various parties to top heart filled vases.

Other simple decorations included flowers from my Camilla trees in a recycled wine bottle, candles in red wine goblets, and simple velvet roses placed in mercury class vases. 

And what party would be complete without party favors? Pop Rocks, Twizzlers, Heart Shaped Ring Pops and bubbles are not just for kids! I used them to fill pink and red take-out containers. Miniature Hershey Bars were placed in small nested boxes, one of which contained a noted indicating the recipient was the winner of the Valentine's Gift Box.

Sweet and Sassy Meatballs
Bacon and Brown Sugar Wrapped Cocktail Sausages
Blue Cheese Chips
Roasted Rosemary Nuts
Various Cheese, Cold Cuts and Crackers
Strawberries with Fruit Dip
Fresh Vegetable with Avocado Ranch Dip
Death By Chocolate

The evening was fabulous!
Great food, wine, music and conversation. A good time was had by all.
Happy Valentine's Day my friends!

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